X-Press crews

Everyone has a place in the Team

We have a wide range of crews: young and old, from complete beginners to national masters champions. You’ll find a crew for you, whatever your rowing ambitions.

We have a squad system, with crews arranged based on rowing experience and age. However, in practice, there is a lot of cross-over between crews, so there are plenty of opportunities to train with other rowers (training with better rowers is one of the best ways to learn and improve).  Crews train at different times, so there is almost certainly an X-Press crew out on water every day.

Our members are mostly people with families and jobs, so most of our training happens outside of working hours on the river Cam.  Members typically associate with one or two crews; they are then free to participate as much or as little as they please, to suit their availability and fitness goals.

Our crews

The MEN’S FIRST BOAT trains and competes at a high level.  In eights, the main aim of the season’s racing is the Cambridge Town Bumps, where they are currently well placed on the top division.  The crew also races in regattas on and off the Cam, and usually competes at the National Masters’ Championships.

The WOMEN’S FIRST BOAT trains regularly and competes in regattas and head races throughout the year. They have had some fantastic recent results in the Cambridge Town Bumps where they are currently 5th in the top division. The crew also races in several on and off Cam races, including the World Masters Regatta.

MASTERS CREWS are for anyone over the age of 27, and at X-Press we have the full age range from 27 to 70 (and counting).  Our active community of Masters rowers train and compete all year round.  You will be able to find a crew to match your experience, fitness level, and rowing goals.

SMALL BOATS. We have a squad of rowers who train together in combinations of doubles, pairs and singles; either for pure fun, or for winning regattas.

CORPORATE CREWS. Mills & Reeve is one of the four “corporate” boats which join X‑Press each year for the Town Bump Races. If you are interested in this type of membership see our ‘Join‘ section.

HARD-PRESSED is the fastest eight on the river for their age group, with a long streak of wins in the Cambridge Winter League series of races.

The DEVELOPMENT SQUAD is for rowers and coxes who are new to the sport (see our section on ‘Learn to row’); however, you will very quickly transition to more experienced crews and get a chance to win your first racing pot.

The RASPBERRY PI corporate boat, after making a bump.