Learn to row

Learning to row is the best thing you will ever do

If you’re looking for a fantastic way to stay in shape and you love being on the water, rowing is perfect for you.

Why we love rowing

Rowing is a great sport. Why go to the gym and sit on an exercise bike when you could be out in a real boat, enjoying the fresh air and the beautiful scenery of the Cam? Rowing is an inclusive sport, where everyone is able to take part, regardless of their fitness, time commitment and ability. Many people find that the social aspect of rowing not only helps them to enjoy it more, but is a huge motivator. As many rowers will attest: once you start rowing you find you can’t stop.

Learning to row is easy

Many beginners worry unnecessarily that they are not fit enough or it will be too difficult. The reality is that anyone can learn to row; you are never too old. When learning the sport, the early stages are about technique and coordination; you’ll generally find that your fitness slowly improves over time.

Likewise, many people think that rowers need to be super fit and super tall; not the case! There are crews on the river for all levels of ability and fitness.

First lessons

The first lessons are generally about safety, both on and off the water, and how to care for the boats and equipment that you will be using. You will then learn the correct rowing technique, and start to put this into practice. Typically, after a set of six lessons we will aim to get you to a stage where you are both confident and competent to start rowing with a crew in a racing shell.

Never stop learning

Rowing is a highly technical sport, and even the most experienced rowers in our club are continually trying to improve. We have some great experienced coaches at X‑Press, who will help you to develop your rowing skills.


If you are a smaller person (than our average rower), but nonetheless competitive, then coxing might be for you!  At X‑Press we offer training for beginner coxes.  Once the basics of safety, commands and steering are mastered, this is typically progressed on-the-water with one or more crews.  If you are an experienced cox, we have enough training and racing to offer challenging racing with experienced crews.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you would like more information about learning to row with X‑Press