Joining X-Press

If you are interested in joining X-Press Boat Club, then please contact us by email at [email protected]

We welcome rowers and coxes of any level of experience. Some of our current members have rowed and coxed before, either at school, university or at previous clubs; others were completely new to the sport – some of our current first boat crew learnt to row here at X-Press.

The best way of finding out about the club is to come for a try out on the water, or meet us for a chat before or after an outing. We can discuss what aspirations and availability you have, and recommend a crew for you.

The first month of rowing is absolutely free; annual fees for the first year of rowing are discounted (see below). Coxes can become members of X-Press for free.

See you on the river!

Annual fees

Club subscriptions are due at the beginning of the calendar year (the amounts below are subject to approval at the club AGM in January 2020):

  • Full membership is £240 per year, reduced to £220 per year if paid in full prior to 31 January.
  • Coxes have free membership to the club (there is a voluntary contribution of £25 for those that want to donate to the club).
  • New rowing members have a discounted rate of £160 per year (pro-rated if joining part way through the year).
  • The fee for “bumps only” rowing, as a guest to the club, is £60.
  • The student rate is £60 per term (including holidays). Cambridge students who intend to row for their college need to check CUCBC rules regarding town-club rowing.
  • For corporate membership rates please contact us.

Please contact us for bank account details.