X-Press Boat Club history

The Free Press Public House

It all began at the Free Press Public House in Prospect Row, Cambridge. In 1978 (somewhat later than the picture shown!), Chris and Debbie Lloyd, the landlords of the establishment at that time, decided to start a rowing club; what was then known as Free Press Boat Club. Chris and Debbie, along with the club, moved to ‘The Blue’ in Gwydir Street sometime in 2002, and the club changed its name to X-Press Boat Club. In 2007, Chris and Debbie retired from rowing. The boats christened in their name, the coxed four ‘Debbie’ and the eight ‘Chris Lloyd’ are still rowed up and down the Cam by X-Press.

Christening the new boat ‘Free Press 21st’ in 1999 – the 21st anniversary of the club.

Both boat technology and haircuts have changed since the 1980s.

Bridge painting in 1992 to celebrate M2 blades.

The eagle and dragon in the X-Press logo represent the American and Welsh heritage of Debbie and Chris.

This looks like an X-Press crew; but where are they?

Quite possibly the best way to travel (on dry land).