Covid-19 Restrictions

Update 26 March 2021: On-water rowing on the Cam is permitted from Monday 29th March 2021. Boating from Old and New CRA permitted. We DO NOT yet have access to college boathouses.

Rowing can begin from Monday 29th March, subject to the restrictions below. Both CRA boathouses will be open; we are awaiting news on college boathouses (we should assume that they are closed until we have confirmation) All the previous Covid-19 safety rules will apply, including:

  • Each crew member must fill out the CRA tracking sheet:
  • Crew captains to use the Logan’s Way Google calendar. Logan’s Way gate to be kept locked at all times.
  • PPE for coxes.
  • Face coverings and social distancing.
  • Sanitising (with X-Press equipment).
  • Limiting numbers in each boathouse.
  • Emergency use only of the toilets and changing rooms.
  • No use of the hoses (note there is now a second tap in the Kimberley Road CRA).
  • The ‘Rule of Six’ applies at all times, except while rowing, and getting boats in and out of boathouses.