About X-Press

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When the weather is fine, you know it’s the time, for messin’ about on the river

Who we are

X‑Press Boat Club is a socially minded 18+ rowing club in the centre of Cambridge, England.  We train on a beautiful stretch of water on the River Cam.  The majority of our crews race as Masters (aged 27 and older); we also share facilities with our younger colleagues from Anglia Ruskin University Rowing Club.  We compete in local events and also at national and international regattas. We can usually be found on the water or in one of our favourite post-outing haunts near the river.

When we train

Most of our on-the-water training happens during weekend mornings and weekday evenings.  Members of the club can take boats on the water at whatever time it suits them.  There is usually an X-Press crew training on the water every day; if not, then you would be able to train in a single scull boat.  We train all year round, even during dark winter evenings (with lights and reflective clothing).

We have a range of crews who train at levels that suit their rowing goals.  We aim to develop rowers and coxes’ skills continuously, with a mixture of coaching and post-outing feedback.  Training with more experienced rowers is a good way to learn, and we encourage this by having a flexible crew selection system.

Our fleet of boats

We have a comprehensive fleet of modern, good quality boats (eights, fours, quads, pairs, doubles and singles).  Most of our training is in eights or fours, but we also encourage the use of “small boats” (this is an excellent way to improve your rowing technique).


The highlight of the Cambridge rowing calendar is the Town Bumps, held each July on the River Cam. This is a form of racing in which 18 boats chase each other in single file, each crew attempting to catch and ‘bump’ the boat in front without being caught by the boat behind. Anyone who has ever taken part will agree that this is the most exciting type of rowing race it is possible to design. Ever.

During the year we will typically compete in most of the local on-Cam races, partly as training, but also to beat our neighbours!  We also enter various “off-Cam” events each year at local regattas and head races. 

X-Press on the road

We make at least one overseas racing trip each year, usually, but not always, to a place with warmer weather. Our recent trips have been:

  • Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 2019.
  • Lake Velence, Hungary, 2019 (World Masters’ Championships).
  • Salerno, Italy, 2018 (with a 500m sea-front regatta).
  • Boston, USA, 2017 (Head of the Charles Race)
  • Bled, Slovenia, 2016 (World Masters Championship).

Celebrating success

At X-Press we know how to win, and we know how to celebrate…