Our Club

Welcome to X-Press Boat Club!

X-Press Boat club is a socially minded 18+ rowing club in the centre of Cambridge whose members compete locally on Cam and also at national and international events. The majority of our crews race as Masters (28 upwards) and we also share facilities with our younger colleagues in Anglia Ruskin University Rowing Club.

Formerly known as the Free-Press, after the pub in which the club was founded, we can usually be found on the water or in one of our after-outing haunts near the river.

As our membership is mostly people with jobs and families, most of our training happens outside of office hours on the river Cam.  Individuals typically associate with one or two crews with whom they are free to participate in as much or as little as they please.

We have a complete selection boat types for men and women, from eights to singles. Most of our crews train in eights or fours, but we also encourage the use of “small boats” as it improves balance and feel and thus better rowing technique.

We run a combination of crews and a squad system for the top men’s boats. However members are free to form their own crews and book boats.

During the year we will typically compete in most of the local on-Cam races, partly as training, but also to beat our neighbours! Crew captains or their nominees will also organise trailering of boats to races further afield.

Every now and again we also travel further afield to compete internationally, recent examples include Salerno (500m sea-front regatta), World Masters (Bled, Slovenia and previously Hazewinkel, Belgium), and also to Boston USA for the Head of the Charles.


In order to find the right part of our club for you, please read the relevant sections and then email our contact address for further information, mailto:[email protected] Read more …