Instructions for joining X-Press

Follow these instructions if you are joining X-Press and do not yet have a login to get access to the members’ area of our website.  Please follow the instructions carefully; in particular, make sure that you use an incognito browser window whilst you complete the set up process.

NEW Membership Accounts

The club knows you by an email address (which is likely to be that used in your latest correspondence with [email protected]). This is the email address we use for all club messages and to control access to members-only information and services like boat booking.

Your email must be registered to a Google account (we are using Google to control access). The instructions below will step you through a simple process to achieve this.

If you would like to use a different email then send a message to [email protected] and let us know which email to use instead. You will need to wait for the membership secretary to effect this change before going to the next step.  They will let you know when ready.

Register your Email with Google

If your email address ends in “” (or you know you already use Google services like Gmail and G-Drive with your email), then you already have a Google account; go to ‘Complete Membership Information’ below.

If not, then set up a Google account (with your existing email address) as follows:

  • Open an incognito window in your browser.
  • Go to
  • Click “create a Google account” at the bottom, and follow the instructions.
  • IMPORTANT: click the option “use my current email address instead” and enter your current email.  DO NOT USE GMAIL.

  • You may need to enter a PIN sent to your email or phone.
  • Now complete the steps below before closing the incognito browser window.

Complete Membership Information

  • In an incognito browser window, visit the X-Press Membership Area here:

  • You should see a screen which says “Membership Area” at the top.
  • Follow the link “update your own membership details” at the bottom of the page, fill out the form, and submit.

  • Close the incognito browser window.

Check Account Set Up

  • In a normal browser window, visit Membership Area again.

  • If the page appears, everything is working. You might be prompted to log in to Google again, after which you get access.  That’s it.

Some people have complicated lives with multiple email addresses and Google accounts.  There is lots of information online about how to set up and manage your Google accounts. We will try to help if we can.